Sarah Montgomery Design


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Meet Sarah

Sarah's dynamic style and unique approach to interiors comes from her background in textiles and her diverse career path. Sarah is the only Chicago interior designer with over five years of experience in the product design and manufacturing of bedding, window treatments and soft home furnishings. Over the past 10 years her range of work has also included retail and restaurant display artist, props and set designer and teaching artist. 

Sarah's experience in display and theater allow her to translate the mood and essence of a room while her project management skills gained while working in manufacturing keep the design process running smoothly. She does this all while maintaining the encouraging demeanor of your favorite teacher. Sarah works with her clients to build the story of each space with a love of color and pattern in the form of textiles, and by layering in the found, thrifted, heirloom and artisan pieces. Sarah believes the fun is in the mix and good design doesn't have to be serious. She teaches her clients how to pair the old with the new, the high with the low, and how to sneak in just the right amount of whimsy.

Sarah has a degree in textiles from the Savannah College of Art and when she's not designing, scheming or sourcing, she can usually be found in the kitchen.