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I'm Giving Away A Free 2 Hour Design Consultation

This fall I have the opportunity to work alongside 400 other women for Habitat Chicago’s Women Build Event. In order to participate I have to raise a certain amount of money and because I need YOUR help, I thought I would offer something in return. I’ve decided to give away a FREE 2 hour design consultation! For your chance to win you have to be in the Chicago area and donate at least $25 by September 15. I will be announcing the winner on Monday, September 16.

The statistics of women homeownership are unsettling. The gender pay gap, credit profiling, uneven child care responsibilities and higher rates of mortgage denials are all contributing factors keeping women from homeownership. However, single women are outpacing single men when it comes to owning a home. I’m strapping on my tool belt alongside 400 other women to help break down some of the barriers keeping women from becoming homeowners.

The Consultation:

If you’re considering working with a designer, I know your home is one of the most important things to you. I love meeting homeowners at an initial consultation and hearing about their space and the hopes they have for it. There can be a lot of uncertainty and frustration around a space that isn’t working and I love to see the relief in client’s eyes when I understand the problems and can offer up solutions on the spot. A two hour design consultation with me is a working meeting where we review your needs, budget and timeline for the space. You’re provided with tips, advice, resources and solid direction for your project. Some of the things that can be covered in a two hour meeting with me are:

-paint consultation

-floor plan

-renovation budgeting and timeline

-assess how existing furniture can be incorporated into a new design

-furniture and accessory resources based on style and budget

After the initial complimentary discovery call with me, the next step is always a paid consultation. I get so excited about meeting new people and seeing their space that I want to share my ideas for it! I forget sometimes that what is easy and exciting for me is not so much for my clients. Many clients use the design consultation as a stand-alone service and the regular fee for this is $350. This covers travel and two hours of design consulting. If you’re considering full service design, this also covers my time afterwards to put together a very detailed Design Services Proposal. Clients find the Design Services Proposal very helpful when deciding how to best move forward with a project.  

So, I’m asking for your help, generous reader, and offering up something of value in return. If you donate and don’t win the free consultation, you can rest easy knowing your money went to a good cause. I know it’s a WIN WIN.

Thanks so much to my friends and family who have already donated!

xo, Sarah