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Five Reasons to Work With an Interior Designer

It's no secret that interior design is a luxury trade, but today it is more approachable than ever. Endless retail options online and digital communication make it easier for designers to be more transparent and offer a variety of services for all budgets. Many designers with a strong brand presence are popular for their mix of vintage, designer, big box store purchases and custom made items. This has always been my approach and it helps to take some of the stigma out of hiring and working with a designer.

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1. Interior Designers save you money. It is an investment to work with a designer, but when you do, gone are the days of picking out the wrong paint color or purchasing a piece of furniture that isn't the right scale for your space or maybe doesn’t even fit in your door!. Designers can interpret your needs and help you to make wise purchases, teach you where to save and where to splurge. Designers are versed in all types of budgets and will help you understand where your money is going. 

2. Interior Designers save you time. Arguably more valuable than money is time. It's easy to get lost in endless retail options online and just as hard to make the time to shop for things in person. Designers know where to go for the pieces that fit your style and budget. If you choose to work with a designer full service, you can leave the purchasing, procurement, installation and any problem solving along the way to them. If you choose to work with a designer digitally through E-design services, they will give you the knowledge and confidence to finally pull the trigger on those purchases that will complete your home.

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3. Interior designers teach you things. A good designer likes to share their enthusiasm and expertise with their clients. They will not only guide you in what to purchase, but why you should purchase it. They can give you insight into your own style and that of your partner and most importantly how to merge the two. 

4. Designers make your home more functional. Even if you aren't doing any major renovating designers can help you make your home more functional. Small things like adding mood lighting, creating entry way storage or sourcing performance fabrics for upholstery can drastically change the functionality of your space. Designers figure out a way to make it look good too. 

photo by Margaret Rajic

photo by Margaret Rajic

And most importantly...

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5. Interior designers are people pleasers and genuinely love what they do. Chances are they will be just as excited about your space as you are.

If you had one question for a designer, what would it be?