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House of Cutes- Mr. Pokee

House of Cutes goes international! Let me introduce you to Mr. Pokee, a Hedgehog who lives in Germany with his owner, Litha. You may not know you can have a hedgehog as a pet, but I did. My class in sixth grade had one named Snoop Hedgie Hedge, and yes, I am still friends with the classmate who named him that. 

Check out Mr. Pokee on Instagram  here

Check out Mr. Pokee on Instagram here

Hedgehogs can make great pets and Litha does a wonderful job of educating people through her blog. She goes through the important steps to tame your hedgehog so that in time, you too can make those hypnotizing belly rub videos.

Hedgehogs need a particular environment to be comfortable and that's why I thought designing a bedroom based on Mr. Pokee would be appropriate. Mr. Pokee is German, but is currently spending a semester abraod in Scandinavia with his owner. He's very well traveled but needs to be comfortable when he sleeps. A relaxed bohemian bedroom is perfect for this lifestyle. I was inspired by neutrals and texture with pops of teal and gold. We often think of boho style to be very colorful, but I think it is also successful in a more subdued palette, especially in a bedroom. 

Sarah Montgomery Design House of Cutes Mr. Pokee

The key to relaxed boho is texture in fabrics and in natural materials like wood and rattan. Something vintage or antique and plant life completes the space. Boho is still big as a lifestyle, but I do see it moving away from colorful Kilim rugs and macrame planters to more subdued, sophisticated and livable. I'm particularly loving a pulled back version with modern elements thrown in. 

Do you think Mr. Pokee would be comfortable in this room? Can't you just see him burrowing in that linen bedding?

I'm taking nominations for the next edition of House of Cutes! Who would you like to see?