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Designer Secrets to Shopping for Vintage Online


I've always loved scouring thrift stores and finding treasures. From an early age I would go to all the second hand stores in town to buy mostly clothes and collect anything with a cool pattern. I would plan to wear a vintage, wild patterned, polyester dress to a high school dance only to chicken out at the last minute and drag my mom out to the mall with me to get a "normal" dress. She would be both annoyed and relieved. In college it was the only way I could afford to decorate and part of my first job as display artist for Anthropologie was going around to different thrift stores in search of anything with a good shape, size or texture to prop out vignettes. It might be part of my past and also intuitive for me, but I've got some great secrets for scouting vintage the way we do everything else these days- ONLINE!

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