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House of Cutes- Smoothie the Cat

It's time to get real on the blog here. To start, I have renamed it Tuft and Tassel, because 1) Alliteration,  2) Tassels are back and here to stay, 3) Tufting is a furniture technique, and 4) I really love animals, especially the fluffy ones. Let's start with how I came to enjoy looking at "cutes". I was in my mid twenties and I worked briefly at an office job where when there was no work coming in we were free to play on the internet. If I looked at design blogs for too long I felt like a failure, Facebook bored me, and so I turned to cute animals on the internet to pass the time.

Looking at cute animals is one of the most neutral and positive things you can do, second up to being with real animals. Sometimes people ask me why I wasn't a vet, I think "What the hell, can't you see this (design) is what I should be doing?" I just like to look at and talk about animals, not see them in distress. 

Luckily today, this is a regular and acceptable hobby and I have been lucky enough to find a partner who has opinions on internet cats and who will look at R/aww with me at any time. So in honor of revealing more of what I'm all about through this blog I started a series called House of Cutes. I'm rounding up all of my favorite internet famous pets and designing a room for them. 

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1 | 2 | 3

First up is Smoothie, named the most beautiful cat in the world. That golden fur, those green eyes! Smoothie could live in no other style than Hollywood Glam. This is not my personal style at all, but if it meant Smoothie and I could hang out, I'm all for it. 

 decanter |  candle |  lamp  |  bar cart  |  rug  |  chair  |  striped pillow  |  marble pillow  |  fur pillow  |  wallpaper  |  artwork  |  mirror  

Let's just say there would be enough tufts to go around in this room, both kinds!

What do you guys think, is this a fun way to do design? Did I just figure out a way to combine my two favorite things?! What insta-animals would you like to see next?